TASCHEN is a leading art-book publisher known for its dazzling and audacious world of eye-catching coffee table books.

Founded in 1980 by Benedikt Taschen, TASCHEN started by publishing comic books but later evolved with a series of pocket-sized art books. TASCHEN’s origins democratized the serious art world with books that were conveniently inexpensive art collections that fit as easily into your bag as your bookshelf.

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September 30, 2019

Legacy West, Plano TX

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$150 Taschen Shulman, Modernism Rediscovered, 3 Vol.
$70 Taschen LaChapelle, Good News
$70 Taschen William Claxton. Jazzlife
$70 Taschen Kubrick Photographs
$60 Taschen 100 Getaways around the World
$60 Taschen Piano. Complete Works 1966–today
$50 Taschen Helmut Newton. Pages from the Glossies
$40 Taschen All-American Ads of the 90s